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Mindful Millionaire with Leisa Peterson

Jun 30, 2021

Today, I'm interviewing my client Barbara Boldt. She is a specialist when it comes to pitching to mastering the messaging that you use when you are networking. When you're connecting with new people. When you're sharing who you are and how you help others. We have a really beautiful conversation about how she came to the work that she does and the things that you could be asking yourself in your business, in your networking that allow you to be more effective in your messaging so that folks know when they meet you if you are someone who can help them. This isn't always easy especially when we're doing it for ourselves. I know I've struggled with it for years so I know you'll take away a lot from this conversation. You'll get some questions to be asking yourself and you'll be thinking about how can I be a better communicator in my business so that I can increase how much I earn. Find better clients who are ideally suited to the work that you do. Enjoy...

Barbara said - "We learn new things, we meet new people or maybe we find another group of people who were able to help them we haven't thought about that. So I always talk about a pitch being a living breathing thing. It's never finished, it's never really done. There's a template and we customize it every time we give it depending on the audience."

Barbara Boldt – Principal & Chief Pitch Polisher with Boldt Global, LLC. Barbara Boldt is an international facilitator, educator, and coach. For twenty-five years, she has been empowering global executives, managers, and entrepreneurs to deliver clear, impactful, persuasive messages.

During the 20 years she lived and worked in Europe, she taught executives from more than thirty-five countries how to deliver professional presentations. All of this listening resulted in Barbara’s superpower - an ability to hear and immediately identify what is not clear whether it is a grammatical error, an omission of a specific vocabulary, or a confusing structure. Barbara helps her clients master using the right words in the right order to achieve maximum impact.

Barbara holds an M.A. in International Relations from The University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, and a B.A. in Nutrition from the University of Iowa. She taught at the Swiss Federal Technical Institute in Lausanne Switzerland for 16 years and was awarded Best Teacher of the Year six years in a row. She currently resides in Southeast Michigan in the US.

Learn more about Barbara:

Twitter: boldtglobal