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Mindful Millionaire with Leisa Peterson

May 11, 2021

Hello and welcome to the Mindful Millionaire show. This conversation with Nicole McDonough is really fascinating because I don't know that much, know that I'm a seven or at least that's what the test tells me when I take them. I still have some questions but it's really fun to hear just how you can be using this tool Enneagram in your life as a coach, as a leader, as an entrepreneur. I am really pleased to share this conversation with you about Enneagram and if you're new to it, I'm sure you'll have some big breakthroughs as I did. If you know more about it, I still think this is worth your time.

Nicole said - "And so that's how kinda what the enneagram came in for me and it really just took off. I learned everything I could about myself, about my husband, and my immediate family members. And the more I learn the more I sought could apply to almost every relationship or problem or miscommunication that I was observing and it really kinda just took off from there".

As a Life Coach and Enneagram Consultant, Nicole works with leaders and entrepreneurs who need clarity and insight to manage their teams and lead well. With an MFA from Bank Street in Educational Leadership, she specializes in personal development, using tools like the Enneagram to support highly courageous and self-aware leaders who are looking to expand their influence and thrive in relationships and diverse leadership positions.

I am sure that you will take away some great tools for growth and clarity in your own journey and I can't wait to hear what you think. Enjoy...