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Mindful Millionaire with Leisa Peterson

Jul 29, 2021

My goal is to awaken consciousness particularly around money, business, relationships. Today's conversation is no exception. I'm interviewing my friend Tom Poland who has been a mentor to me over this past year. He has so much good information about things he has covered in his many books that he's written including a more recent one about webinars. But what I love about Tom is his sincerity and his drive for creating consensual sales experiences. And, while we're not going to talk exclusively about that. I just want you to be listening for the fact that Tom wants to be in a relationship, in client relationships with people who are fully showing up in that relationship, who understand that they are coming to him to learn and to grow. There's no funny business. There's no manipulation. There's nothing but the truth. This is the way I feel like all of our sales and marketing needs to be moving in this direction. And Tom is just really inspiring to me when it comes to that. So enjoy this conversation. I'm sure you'll take a lot out of it and I'm just so inspired by Tom's work. Enjoy...