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Mindful Millionaire with Leisa Peterson

Aug 26, 2021

Today, I’m interviewing Chantell Young Chief. Chantell is an educator and she’s launching her new business, Prosubsteach.  Chantell is sharing what it takes to move past beyond the things that held her back, and working in a job that could have provided for her for the rest of her life.  What it is like when you are wanting more and feeling really passionate about something new.  In Chantell’s case, it was about helping teach substitute teachers how to be in a classroom, how to make an impact, how to feel comfortable showing up in this really important role that they play. Chantell is open and vulnerable about her own journey and what it’s been like for her on the other side. 

Chantell is an experienced charter and public school educator with more than 27 years of teaching, training, and administration. She has an insatiable desire to continue growing professionally, leading her to ever new and increasingly responsible roles of leadership that allowed her to influence many students and teachers.

She has witnessed many challenges in education for students, teachers, and administrators. They motivated her to seek out innovative answers by exploring unchartered methods as solutions. One of those challenges has been the increasing need for quality Professional Substitute Teachers. Clearly understanding the essential and increasingly in demand role substitutes are being called to fill, she recognized the opportunity to once again serve the community in a unique role leading her to write the book, “I’m a Professional Substitute Teacher … Now What?” and developing the ProSubs Skillful Teaching course and training.

It is Chantell’s vision to mark her contribution in transforming education by preparing Professional Substitute Teachers who are innovative, creative, independent thinkers and introducing them to the amazing world of education.

Chantell shared these insightful notes:

“And that’s so important that we be different people. It’s not about the money, and the money does come when you’re open and your heart’s open and your mind is open and you understand what you’re really doing and why you’re doing it. If you’re doing it for the money, I’m sure that will come too. But I have been absolutely blown away by the more progress I make in my mindfulness, the easier the work has become. Even though I’m doing more work and I’m staying up late at night and I’m dedicating more of my hours to this, it feels like less because my mindfulness has gotten so open that is flowing, it’s flowing together…”

“I am most proud that I have been honest with myself, honest with you, and honest with the people in our IPROSPER group. I late aside from the need to have a certain image in order to find who I truly am. I’m still working on that. I haven’t gotten in there yet. But I have so many tools now that I know I can keep going. And that was not easy. That was really hard like I said the business part of it yet. I had to learn how to take payments and set up a website and all of those things I would have learned those anyway. If I hadn’t been honest with myself, my business would have been a whole lot different and I think my impending success is going to be fabulous. I don’t know how or what other avenue I could have possibly taken to make that happen other than being in the group that I’m in and I’m astonished at just the amount of dedication you’ve given to us and that I’ve gotten from the group and the commitment that has been given to me and I see where it’s taking me when I touch all those people’s lives I want them to feel that way too…”

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