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Mindful Millionaire with Leisa Peterson

Sep 29, 2021

Today, I’m speaking with Ed Coambs. Ed is a financial therapist and the author of “The Healthy Love & Money Way”. We’re talking about attachment styles and how they impact your financial well-being as well as your relationships with those closest to you including your partners. 

Edward Coambs is one of only 50 financial therapists in the U.S. Internationally recognized thought leader in financial therapy. Cited by the Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press, Time, and CNBC. Master’s degrees in business, counseling, and financial planning and is a licensed marriage and family therapist, certified financial planner, and Certified Financial Therapist.

Working as a financial advisor he realized that financial plans, budgets, investments, and wealth management isn’t enough without addressing the deeper psychological aspects of the person. Without it, people still made the same poor decisions. To change lives and empower his clients they needed to address their core beliefs about money. He helps couples feel like a “team” when it comes to their relationship and their finances.

He shared this: “It’s the same thing with our attachment systems, right? It has all these moving pieces. We know there are predictable ways that it can become injured or impaired. But we also know that humans are wired towards restoring health. As part of our survival, to what our body wants to move towards health. We just have to create the right environment for that. And that’s where the coaching that you do, the therapy that I provide, one of the foundational pieces is safety and acceptance, right? That non-judgemental stance creates a psychological space of safety to really look at what’s going on. And what happens in our financial life is we often are perceiving this psychological or physical space of safety, to be honest with what we’re really feeling and have a reasonable expectation that someone is actually going to understand what’s going on…”

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