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Mindful Millionaire with Leisa Peterson

Nov 29, 2022

Today, I'm speaking with copy-conversion expert Sage Polaris. We're discussing many fun things when it comes to copywriting to increase engagement with your community.  As you know, I prefer to get to know the person behind the business and today's conversation is no exception. Enjoy.


Sage shares with us her insights:

  • “If things were not that different in the market right now, if there, wasn't inflation. I probably would have done the all-access pass again, and been good with that right. But you're right. There is this like - Oh, I keep wanting to change things to refresh my energy. But I think if something's working, it's one of the hardest things to do to just keep going with the thing that's working. And the one part that gives me a little solace, as I do that at like, keep the same offers year after year is to know, like my audience is changing like. Yes, there's people who have been with me for years and years and years, and I love up on them in my own way. And like, give them opportunities to continue to work with me. And there's a lot of new people who have never seen the thing that I've launched four rounds before. We're like brand new to it. They have no idea, so I keep them in mind, too. I'm like - I don't want to change things too much, because these new people are just, are going to be as excited as the other people from the last four rounds. Right? So I think it's a reconnection to understanding again who your audience is, and where their mindsets at, and meeting them where they're at…”


  • “So I do think, though, like if I had learned to be an energetic match to those goals, I, you know, could have received more easily. And I think that's the work that we can do with our mind right, and is very powerful. It's like you, don't have to have actually received the money to feel like you've received the money. So even one of my friends, we use this voice messaging app, and we'll send each other messages back and forth, and we'll finish like a task we need to do in our business to lead to the next launch or whatever, and we'll prepay ourselves like Yup, I finish that task. I'm paying myself fifty thousand dollars for that today. So those types of things like learning to tap into the feeling of that money before it comes, or even the feeling of people being in my programs before they're actually there. It doesn't always have to be attaching yourself to the money right like you can start to feel into and pre celebrate people being in something that you're going to offer in the future and celebrating it before, like taking myself to a nice meal, you know, hanging out with friends, going in a boat right with my family before the money is there. That has really helped me as well, because it's that feeling again, like I already feel abundant. I already feel wealthy just by being able to share this with my family right now.”


  • “And I kind of think of them as a triangle so the audience on the bottom, the offer in the middle of the copy at the top. I think the audience part is the most important first. It's surprisingly like I put it before the messaging right to have a good strategy to build that audience. So for me that evolution, like our last no-charge copy course that we did, we had thirty-seven hundred people sign up that broke all our records like we didn't expect that many. I had a good stretch goal that was near that number, but that was great. And what changed that specific launch though, was I was very, I had one question that I or not one question. I had one statement that I told myself right before that launch. I said, let no come from other places, not yourself, because I wanted to ask people to partner with me like we're talking about. And there was a hesitation of like not wanting to send the messages to people to ask them to help me launch this, right? So for me, that was a big thing like mindset-wise. Let no come from other places, not yourself like - make the asks. Do the things that are going to be uncomfortable that you think everyone's going to say no to you and just do it anyways…”


Sage Polaris has written high converting copy for more than 400+ clients earning them millions of dollars. She helps personal brands and service providers sell more of their service or offer with the words on their website.


Her emails and sales pages are responsible for generating as much as 7 figures in a single launch. She has worked with Chalene Johnson, Chrisette Michele, Rick Mulready, and Lynne Twist. Basically, she makes money for the “internet famous” people we all look up to. 


And in turn, has been an international speaker in exclusive private Masterminds. She can SHOW your audience how to go from story telling to story selling. This is what truly makes a brand legendary.


… and today she’ll tell you exactly how to do that in your own businesses. 


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