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Mindful Millionaire with Leisa Peterson

Apr 14, 2021

Today I'm interviewing my friend Jake Davey. Our conversation is diving into going beyond image marketing and using the tools of social media to spread your message to show what you're all about and to bring people into the journey that you're creating through your work, through your message. Jake makes it crystal clear in this talk and I know you're gonna get a lot out of it. Enjoy...

Jake is an Instagram specialist who has a strong grounding in education, graduating with a Masters in Educational Leadership from Warwick University. This enabled him to be an instrumental figure in the classroom and as part of a team – where his previous school was acknowledged as “The Most Improved School ever in the UK”, earning 2 TES School’s National winner awards. In his final year in the classroom, he was delighted to receive his 5th consecutive Outstanding OFSTED rating.
Now with a specialty on Instagram, he can deliver your Instagram training needs. Whether delivering from stage to over 3000 people, to personalized small group training and 1:1 coaching sessions, he can help you achieve your business or personal goals, build your brand, and share your message with the world.

I love Jake's approach - he answers tough questions about why should we be doing this, you know, why is it important in our business to look at social media and how can we have a beautiful relationship with these mechanisms, that often, you know, aren't so fun for many of us esp. if we haven't grown up with them or we struggle with what's the point of it all.

Jake said - "The number one thing I promote even though it's not what other Instagram people will talk about, although recommend, although promote, although advise; the number one thing is how do you grow your audience fast. How can you get a big following so you can get in front of more people than others so you can share your message and reach people and build your brand? Because the size of your audience is the number one thing.

To learn more about Jake: