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Mindful Millionaire with Leisa Peterson

Apr 26, 2021

Today I am interviewing Bill Cates. How can you make good choices in your own business and how can you share what you're doing with others so they want to refer your business? How do you do that?

Bill said: "And so, the last thing you want to hear from a client or even an influencer is are you still taking on new clients? You want to make sure that these people know that you're never too busy to see if you can be a resource or be of help to other people. 'Never too busy to see' - now use those words to see on purpose because number 1 - it's got to be a good match, right that person may or may not be a good candidate for the work that you do for all kinds of reasons and so you're never too busy to see, to explore, to have the conversation. If it fits great, if it doesn't, well, you don't want to take somebody on who's not a good fit." Bill is an expert on referability. He's been consulting with financial advisors and other business professionals about how they can be inspiring and referable to their community so that folks want to share what it is that you're doing right with other people. Enjoy...

Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE is an internationally recognized client-acquisition expert, author, and speaker who motivates others to take action with proven strategies. A successful entrepreneur, Bill started and sold two book publishing companies. Turning his attention to help other businesses grow, Bill has written four best-selling books: Get More Referrals Now, Don’t Keep Me a Secret, Beyond Referrals, and Radical Relevance. He has delivered his business-growth message to over 500,000 professionals, small business owners, and salespeople across 5 continents; helping them increase revenue without increasing their marketing budget. He is one of the founding members of the Million Dollar Speakers Group and was inducted into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame in 2010 (182 living members worldwide).

Learn more about Bill Cates:
Twitter: @Bill_Cates