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Mindful Millionaire with Leisa Peterson

Oct 11, 2021

Today, I’m interviewing Jake Thomas who owns and operates two websites, Creator Hooks and also During our conversation, Jake shares how he got his beginnings in digital marketing and what’s behind the success he’s had in a short period of time. Jake’s created a way to understand why content goes viral and breaks it down so you can follow his tips and strategies with your own content creation.  His approach really gets into the psychology of what’s causes content to take off for the public or for your audience. I really just love talking to people who have got these creative ideas and they are bringing them into reality. I know that you’re going to be really interested in his story. Enjoy…

Jake Thomas is a (self-described) marketing nerd and Golden Retriever lover. He’s the writer behind Creator Hooks, a newsletter that reveals the secret psychology of what makes people click and helps you write better YouTube video titles. He recently quit his dream job to go all-in on entrepreneurship and hopes that everyone can experience the joy and freedom of making the same leap. He lives with his wife and dog in Tampa Bay, Florida.

He shared this during the session – “My last tip would be kind of – Celebrate all wins. Like, right at the stage where I’m at with Creator Hooks, I’m celebrating every subscriber. I go check my account, ‘Oh, I got another one and that’s what excites me along with the feedback but it wasn’t getting that at first. And, with Golden Hearts with my dog blog, that’s my income so I’m kind of judging my success based on how much money I’m making but I’m not there with my Creator Hooks yet and when I first started with Golden Hearts I was judging my success like ‘Oh two people got into the website today. I still remember those days that I checked – ‘Oh, great I have three people today. This is awesome!’ Now I’m getting almost like a 100,000 a month but it’s just getting excited with the little things, and letting those little wins just encourage you and push you on and just kind of keep pushing even through the very early days…”

Learn more about Jake:

Twitter: @jthom